Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist, Part 2 edited by Keith Snell

Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist, Part 2 edited by Keith Snell


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This second set (Nos. 21 to 38) from the 60 piano studies by C. L. Hanon are, along with Part 1, an important part The Virtuoso Pianist. Hanon’s goal: “Preparatory exercises to acquire speed, precision, agility, and strength in the fingers... (and) flexibility of the wrists.” The etudes enable students to focus on playing patterns with a relaxed hand while supporting the fingers with the hands and arms. They also make a wide range of finger patterns easy for pianists to recognize and execute when learning and accomplishing repertoire. Also included with Part 2 are the twelve Major and minor scales, chromatic scales, diminished and dominant 7th chord arpeggios, and two of the most significant exercises from Hanon’s studies, Part 3 – scales in thirds, and chromatic scales in thirds.

Edition Number GP464
Number of pages 64
13-digit ISBN Number 978-0-8497-9868-9
10-digit ISBN Number 0-8497-9868-X
Copyright Year 2021
Publication Date 01/12/2021
Instrument Piano
Repertoire Collections/Series
Level/Grade Early Intermediate | Intermediate | Early Advanced | Advanced
Series Master Composer Library

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