Wieniawski, Henryk - Concerto No. 1 in F-Sharp (F#) minor, Opus 14 ed. Ivan Galamian - Violin & Piano

International Music Company

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Wieniawski's Concerto No. 1 in f-sharp minor is not nearly as popular as his second concerto, which is a favorite with advanced students and professionals. This is probably due mainly to three factors: the monstrous difficulty of the first movement, the relatively unfriendly key of f-sharp minor, and the feeling among critics and players that the second and third movements simply don't measure up compositionally. On the other hand, there are many violinists who adore the second movement, entitled Preghiera ("prayer"), for its almost religious solemnity and straightforward beauty. Brave souls who feel confident in their command of double-stops (especially tenths) will enjoy the challenges of the first movement, and very likely the whole concerto.

This edition for violin and piano is edited and contains cadenzas by Ivan Galamian. Published by the International Music Company.

Difficulty: A6
Arrangement: violin and piano (VLN/PF)
Edition Type: Piano Reduction
Publisher: IMC
Catalogue Number: IMC2630
ISMN: 9790220420375 (M220420375)

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