Bloch, Ernest - Music for Cello and Piano ed. Hans Kindler - Jewish Life Nos.1-3 (Jewish Song, Prayer, Supplication) // Meditation Hebraique // Meditation Hebraique (Nigan) - Cello & Piano

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Ernest Bloch (1880-1959), the great Swiss-born Jewish composer, was particularly fond of the Cello. A student of the Violin as well as composition, he wrote two of his most notable works for Cello and Orchestra (Schelomo and Voice In the Wilderness). The volume collects the Bloch works written or arranged for cello and piano into one book. The works included are: "Prayer," No. 1 from Jewish Life, "Supplication," No.2 from Jewish Life, "Jewish Song," No. 3 from Jewish Life, Meditation Héraïque, and "Nigun (Improvisation)," from Baal Shem (Three Pictures of Chassidic Life).

Prayer (From "Jewish Life" No. 1)
Supplication (From "Jewish Life" No. 2)
Jewish Song (From "Jewish Life" No. 3)
Meditation Hebraique
Meditation Hebraique / Nigan

Instrumentation: Cello solo, Piano
Item Number: O5482

ISBN 9780825841088.
Number of Pages: 24
Publisher: Carl Fischer Music

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