Kroepel, Bob - Mel Bay's Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords - A Complete Study of Chords, How to Use Them

Mel Bay

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The Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords is a thorough analysis of chords and how to use them as applied to the piano keyboard. Virtually every conceivable chord in all inversions is shown in bass and treble clef notation as well as in keyboard graphics. This study does not only list chord types; it also explains how each type of chord is constructed. In addition, the text provides information on usage, scales, and rhythm patterns. This valuable volume will enable the keyboardist to effectively use and apply the full diversity of chord possibilities in creating interesting, personal, and colorful musical styles.
  • Piano Keyboard  Diagram
  • Intervals
  • Half-Step and Whole-Step
  • Accidentals
  • Chart of Accidentals
  • Major Scales
  • Scale Degrees
  • Chords
  • Chord-Tones
  • Inversions
  • Construction of Common Chords Minor Triad
  • Major Triad Augmented   Triad
  • Lowered Fifth Triad
  • Diminished Triad Major  Seventh   Chord
  • Dominant   Seventh  Chord
  • Minor Seventh  Chord
  • Major Sixth Chord Minor  Sixth  Chord
  • Diminished   Seventh  Chord
  • Minor Seventh  Lowered  Fifth Chord
  • Seventh Augmented Fifth  Chord Seventh   Lowered   Fifth  Chord Seventh  Suspended  Fourth  Chord Major   Seventh   Flatted   Third, Flatted
  • Fifth Chord
  • Major Seventh Flatted Third, Augmented  Fifth Chord
  • Major Ninth Chord Ninth  Chord
  • Ninth Augmented  Fifth Chord
  • Ninth Lowered Fifth Chord Minor   Ninth Chord
  • Minor   Ninth  Augmented   Fifth  Chord
  • Minor  Ninth  Lowered Fifth Chord
  • Seventh Flatted Ninth Chord Eleventh  Chord
  • Eleventh   Flatted   Ninth Chord
  • Eleventh  Augmented  Fifth Chord
  • Thirteenth  Chord
  • Thirteenth Flatted Ninth Chord Seven  Six  Chord
  • Six Nine Chord
  • Enharmonic  Notation
  • Numbering the Fingers
  • Explanation   of   the  Keyboard
  • Diagrams and  Annotation
  • Key of C Major, Scales  and Chords
  • Key  of   Db  Major  (Identical  to  C#
  • Major) Scales and Chords
  • Key of  D Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key of Eb Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key of  E Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key of  F Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key  of   F#  Major  (Identical  to  Gb
  • Major),  Scales and  Chords
  • Key of G Major, Scales  and Chords
  • Key of  Ab Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key  of  A Major, Scales and  Chords
  • Key of Bb Major, Scales and Chords
  • Key  of  B  Major  (Identical   to  Cb
  • Major),  Scales and  Chords
  • Range  of  the  Bass,  Chords and  Melody
  • Using Chords to Ploy  Popular Music
  • The  Waltz Rhythm  Pattern
  • The  Fox Trot Rhythm Pattern
  • Alternating  the Bass
  • Using  Different Chord  Positions
  • Alternating  the Alternating Bass
Product Number: 93333
Format: Book
Skill Level: Multiple Levels
Notation Type: Standard Notation
Pages: 96
Binding: Squareback Saddle Stitched
Size: 8.75 x 11.75
ISBN: 0-8716-6579-4
ISBN13: 978-08716-6579-9
Series: Encyclopedia
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 11/26/1973

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