Piano Town: Performance, Level 4 - Piano Method Series*


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Piano Town - Performance - Level 4
Composed by Diane Hidy & Keith Snell

Performance offers students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in Lessons. The variety of folk songs, familiar tunes, original music, and classical literature are ideal for use in recitals and festivals.

The last level of Piano Town, Level 4, takes the student into the intermediate level with lots of original classics by a variety of composers. New keys and concepts continue to be introduced including Eb, Ab, Db, Gb and B Major, their scales in one and two octaves and chords; 2/2 and 3/8 time signatures; diminished and augmented triads; sixteenth notes and rests; dotted eighth notes; syncopation; order of flats and sharps; and the Circle of Fifths. Upon completion of the method, students are ready to tackle classical repertoire at the intermediate level. Check out the Piano Repertoire series, starting with Level 3, edited by one of Piano Town's authors, Keith Snell.

Piano Town is the perfect place to learn to play the piano! A Multi-Key method with an intervallic concentration and a Middle C start, Piano Town combines the best of pedagogy to date with innovative new ideas. Students will love the contemporary feel as they discover the musical wonders of Piano Town. Teachers will love the success of its interactive discovery learning approach!

Edition Number: MP134
ISBN 10 digit: 0849773431
ISBN 13 digit: 9780849773433
Level/Grade: 4
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano
Series: Piano Town

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