Piano Town: Assignment Book - Piano Method Series*


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Piano Town Assignment Book
Composed by Diane Hidy & Keith Snell

Help students keep track of their weekly assignments, practice, and performance events through the school year with this all-important resource book. There are 48 weekly assignment pages correlated to the four core books of the Piano Town method series. Each of these pages also features a "Practice Record" for students to complete during the week. The book also features a page to list the student's memorized pieces, and several pages of staff paper for students and teachers to write notes and special exercises.

Piano Town is a new elementary piano method that uses a multi-key approach with a special focus on intervallic reading. Musical concepts are tied into the art and lyrics found throughout the method, encouraging imagination and helping students explore the expressive nature of music. Piano Town introduces students to the piano with pre-staff notation on black key groups and then white keys, at the Primer level. Following that, reading on the staff beings in middle C position. C Major and G Major positions and chords are also taught at the Primer level, along with new concepts such as basic note lengths, the grand staff, clefs, slurs, ties, staccatos, and more. New intervals (2nds through 5ths) are introduced individually. The Piano Town method is most effective when the Lesson, Theory, Technique and Performance books are used in conjunction, thus providing support and review of the new concepts presented. The classics are featured throughout the series as arrangements at first. Then original classics are featured almost exclusively beginning at Level 3. Also included are favorite folk tunes and original music by the authors.

Edition Number: MP165
ISBN 10 digit: 0-8497-7369-5
ISBN 13 digit: 978-0-8497-7169-3
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano
Series: Piano Town

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