Rossi, Wynn-Anne - Treasures in Technique, Primer Level: Introduction to Technique - Piano Method Series*

FJH Music Company

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  • A Motivational Approach to Building Finger Strength & Coordination at the Piano

By popular demand, Treasures in Technique now has a Primer-level “prequel” to introduce the series. Students learn technique while collecting “treasure” on a delightfully imaginative trip to the seaside. Techniques emphasized are: correct posture and hand/arm position, legato, right-hand/left-hand coordination, dynamics, playing skips, and parallel and contrasting motion.

Treasures in Technique offers a motivational approach to building finger strength and coordination at the piano. Students discover the elements of good technique through exercises and creative "mystery" pieces. A reward system for collecting "treasure" stickers provides additional motivation. A map (treasure, palace, Egyptian, or rain forest map) and stickers are included with each book. The Primer Level offers and introduction to technique including how to sit correctly at the keyboard, legato touch, louds and softs, skips, parallel and contrary motion and more. Book One covers basic technical skills such as staccato, slurs, and accents. Book Two covers lessons in technical coordination including legato and staccato, legato pedaling, eighth notes, and dynamic balance. Book Three tackles the challenges of finger strength and independence including wrist rotation, strengthening the 5th finger, parallel 3rds and 4ths, and trill playing. Book Four offers lessons in speed and positioning including wrist staccato and rotation, sixteenth notes, diatonic and chromatic scale fingerings, chord inversions, 2-octave arpeggios, repeated notes, and more!

Instrument: Piano
Level: Preparatory
Series: The FJH Piano Teaching Library
Voicing: Solo
Subject: Technique Books
Format: Books

UPC: 674398214044
ISBN: 9781569393543 (1569393540)

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